Caribbean Stud

Slot machine test: Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is not about the name of a destination, but a special poker Variant that is characterized by the fact, that occurs every player for himself against the Casino. So, it's a 2-player game. This a completely different dynamic results of course, because you don't have to take care of other players. This is a chance as a risk. A particularly beautiful version of the game has developed Net Entertainment, the entire structure is relatively simple, so that you can focus on the game itself well. The special feature of this casino game is also that it has a jackpot. Whether you're about to play, depends on you, because you can make normal use or also in the field for the jackpot, which sometimes reaches a considerable size. As with other poker varieties it comes ultimately, poke out the blade of the opponent with your sheet. This begins when a card is just higher and ends at the Royal Flush, with which you can particularly clear. Caribbean Stud is a nice variant so either way, but even if you've had not much to the hat with poker so far, a look might be worth.

Simple at first glance will be, since you play Caribbean Stud for free also. It's in the Mr Green Casino. If you but sign up and deposit money, then you can win of course also real money, including the jackpots.

Play Caribbean Stud online now!

Play Caribbean Stud online

Sitting at a table Caribbean Stud several players can, that but all to play with the dealer. Similar as you know it also by the Black Jack. In this version but you see only your cards and can concentrate completely on your game. The game runs in rounds. In each round, you and the dealer receive cards. The question is whether your hand is higher than that of the Bank. Because then you can win. How high will be the profit but, also depends on your usage risk. This also applies to the jackpot, for which there is a single field.

In each round you start by placing your bet on the ante field. Then, the cards are dealt. Then, you can decide whether you want to get off or go with may to win. If the latter is the case, you again pay the double use of the amount, which is located in the ante box. Is then revealed. When comparing the maps include the normal versions of Poker, but it is you also automatically displayed, if you did win.

Icons in the casino game Caribbean Stud

Of course, the cards, the sheet 52 from a come

which play Caribbean Stud are symbols in the Casino. It comes from the 2 to the ACE. When counting, it starts with a map. As a King is worth more than a ten. But follow couples. Two fives are higher than an ACE. This also applies to triplets and Quadruplets. Higher than a few include two couples who are however beaten by the three of a kind. A combination of pair and three of a kind is called full House. Also, there are still the poker combinations such as street, flush, straight flush and Royal Flush. The latter has the highest value.

Caribbean Stud casino game guide

Before you get started with Caribbean Stud online casino, you have to wonder maybe if you want to play for real money or just for fun. For the latter, you simply start the game, after you there in the overview of the casino games then you. Otherwise, you must be but a registered customer has loaded the money into his account. You can then use your credits as inserts in Caribbean Stud.

Conclusion with regard to the Caribbean Stud test

With the casino game Caribbean Stud, net Entertainment has developed a good version of the popular poker variation. The game focuses on the essentials, you will be spared so excessive animations and sounds. Good thing, because in this way you can concentrate on your game.